October 2018

When you invite your highest expression into your conscious awareness, you find the presence of your divine nature is who you are, naturally. There is ease, clarity joy, freedom in the Now moment as the barrage of noise that dampens your soul’s voice falls silent.

The natural aptitude you hold for expansion of your conscious awareness cannot be over emphasized. With terms like “woo-woo” and “out-there” you buy into the separation between who you are at your highest divine expression and the limitations of being a “mere mortal”, with only moments of the miraculous. The miraculous in the latter scenario is inferred to be the extraordinary, beyond expectations and rarely occurring. We would ask you to shift your awareness and connection with your truth. The miraculous is your natural way of being. The struggle that is imposed by the limitations of the physical experience is not the brick wall that appears impenetrable. It is a door to more of you.

As you turn the facet of the diamond of your most authentic expression you see the range of your expression rather than limitations. The limitation is perception, a self-imposed barrier. As you accept and acknowledge you hold the highest “say” in your life’s creation, you connect with your divine expression.

Rather than saying, “Well, the day is almost over, thank goodness.” We say, what would have to occur in the shifting of perspective that would allow a thought that engages each moment with, “all you got?” The potency, beauty, clarity potential held in this Now immaculate moment is your birthright, not an accident. You may shift your perspective powerfully, in the blink of an eye.

We bring this up today to ask you to consider your moments from the perspective of choosing your miraculous presence and creating from that space. What happens when you BE the miraculous? We ask you to consider what occurs when you hold the stance of your I AM presence.

You are the miraculous, naturally.
In Love, With Love, From Love,
Your Divine Team