November 2018

Good evening dearest beloveds, it is I, Thoth that is stepping to the forefront of this divine conversation within this Now immaculate moment. The turbulent energies that are present on the planet earth right now, represent the turning of the tide of conscious awareness. Those at the leading edge of transformation herald a new way of being for All. You, as leaders in the evolution of Love, usher in the reality of a new paradigm. We step back today to present the vast perspective that we see. As beings of light in light our mission is the support of yours. As emissaries of Love, you carry the message of Love’s freedom within the radiance you emit.

The presence in light this evening is vast beyond counting. Those that step forward to lend their name to the process of In Service to Love represent thousands of beings in light, also holding the torch for Love’s light to spread the far reaches of remembering. Present towards the forefront of this gathering today include Jeshua, Melchizadek, Metatron, Mary Magdalene, Isis, White Brotherhood, Council of the Golden Heart, Council of Nine, Sanat Kumara, Council of Thirteen, Archangel Michael, Archangel Gabriel, The Hathors, Legions of Light.

The message today comes from all reaches of the multiverse. As you embrace the brilliance of your own light, you emit your divine emanation of Love. The force for Love that you are transforms beyond your capabilities of understanding. Love’s pure essence is potent, as the limitations found in the experience of physical form are released. You move far beyond the distractions of your daily life to pursue that which is sourced from your I AM presence. You are inspired through your soul’s divine mission of Love. Your mission is uniquely expressed as the details of your life unfold. The stage you stand upon is vast. As you have the courage to look at your own limitations, rather than being bogged down by the experience you continue to move forward gathering the courage to be who you have always been. You are also fueled by the hope, the intention, the possibility that others may see the brilliance of their own divine expression, so they too may fulfill the highest intention of their sacred essence.

We gather today to extend our expression of Love to you in acknowledgement of your undertaking and overseeing of the brilliance of Love’s pure light. We witness the alchemical qualities of your interactions, seemingly simple, but potent as transformative catalyst. As you hold the courage to approach Love from your experience in form, you come face to face with what is not Love and champion what exists beyond the sight of others.

We affirm your steps of Love and compassion. Each difficult day, each moment of your own transformative process, heals realms you don’t see. This is not an easy path. As leaders, you confront, in each step that which is an argument for stagnation and default. Your actions in the name of Love birth the new earth into form. The new earth holds the highest frequencies now available through the evolutionary process into unity consciousness.

What seems like the argument for Love’s grace at the forefront of collective consciousness, heralds the reality. From our perspective, as masters of Love in light, you are held on high, in reverence, and are buoyed by our Love.

We are an alliance of Love’s freedom and sacred promise, In Service to Love.

In Love, With Love, From Love,
Your Divine Team